Play Like A Pro

Individual instruction on all aspects of the game, given by one of our talented golf professionals, may be scheduled by appointment.

The Dye Preserve Instructional Team

Jeff Leishman

Jeff Leishman’s coaching career spans over 25 years, interrupted only by a four year stint playing competitively. He began working with elite players when a good friend and touring professional asked him “what do you see?”  Since then, he’s coached over ten players to golf’s major stages and has seen his students win multiple times on the PGA, and European Tours. Widely regarded as one of the country’s top instructors, his students (past and present) include Carl Pettersson, Tom Gillis, Richard S. Johnson, Jesper Parnevik, Brett Stegmaier and current Dye Preserve members Will MacKenzie, Daniel Berger, Allison Walshe and Matt Hill. An avid student of all aspects of the game, Jeff believes as long as he is coaching – he must be learning. Having built a team of top industry professionals as an advisory group, he leaves no stone unturned in his commitment to his player’s success.
1 Hour Lesson- $300
9 hole playing lesson
18 hole playing lesson – $1200

Matt Doyle

I was born into the game of golf and started assisting my father with clinics at the age of 12. My father Ken Doyle is a nationally recognized instructor at Hop Meadow C.C in Simsbury, Connecticut. My father and I took numerous trips to study the game under Jim McLean, David Leadbetter, Ray Floyd, Jimmy Ballard, Hank Haney, Bill Strausbaugh Jr., Dr. Bob Rotella, Dr. Jim Suttie, Todd Anderson, Randy Myers and Dr. Craig Farnsworth. I have been able to take all that I have learned from these instructors and build a library of simple solutions to the infinite problems that come up in the game of golf.

30 minute lesson – $70 9 hole playing lesson – $180
60 minute lesson – $140 18 hole playing lesson – $360
Contact-(561) 575-7891 or

Mitch Peterson

I began my teaching career by mentoring the previous University of Minnesota’s men’s golf coach, John Means, at the age of 17. After graduating college at UCCS in Colorado, I went on to gain valuable experience at clubs in Lake Tahoe and Minnesota. Through my findings over the years I have found that the golf swing revolves around a solid setup specific to one’s physical abilities. There are two parts to the golf swing after address – the backswing and the through swing. Both parts are equally important and should be examined carefully. They are not exclusive of one another and must be combined together in one motion to create a rhythmic/consistent swing. The key to teaching success is to keep things simple and leave the student with realistic goals for the future.

30 minute lesson – $70 9 hole playing lesson – $180
60 minute lesson – $140 18 hole playing lesson – $360
Contact- (561) 575-7891 or

Hiroshi Matsuo

My learning experience for the game of golf began at the early age of 4 and continues on to the present. Those years included 12 years straight on the Golf Magazine Junior All-American Team, a full scholarship to Auburn University, and a 20 year professional career on various tours around the world.  Throughout my tournament playing career I had the opportunity to spend time learning from some of the best teachers and players in the world. Todd Anderson, Peter Kostis, Bob Toski, Gary Hardin, Jack Nicklaus, Olin Browne, Nick Price, and Mark Calcavecchia to name a few. My teaching philosophy is based on those experiences. By utilizing each players natural strengths and abilities, simplifying the golf swing mechanics both mentally and physically, we can design a swing that is personal and repeatable. My ability to convey that information simply and understandably allows every player to maximize their game.

30 minute lesson – $70 9 hole playing lesson – $180
60 minute lesson – $140 18 hole playing lesson – $360
Contact: (561) 575-7891 or