Practice Facilities

Practice, Practice, Practice

The practice facilities at The Dye Preserve include a short game area, practice tee, dedicated instruction tee and two putting greens.

  • Short Game Area

    Pitching and Chipping the Ball

    The Short Game Area is ideal for work 80 yards in, target green, greenside bunkers, turf simulating course conditions.

  • Practice Tee

    Driving the Ball and hitting those approach shots

    Need to practice your drive, The Dye Preserve’s upper and lower tees, articulated course-quality target greens, prescription turf is the place to spend time.

  • Dedicated Instruction Tee

    Improving Your Game

    Located at the upper range, there’s no better place for personalized lessons.

  • Two Practice Putting Greens

    Putting the Ball

    Three putting greens, which replicate course turf and playing conditions, are in close proximity to the Clubhouse and the first and tenth tees.

  • Hitting Bay

    State of the art teaching facility

    When Joe Webster and Jeff Leishman started to brainstorm about ways to improve The Dye we came up with the idea of creating a state of the art hitting facility, “The Lab”. We wanted to be able to fix any problem that a player may have with their game. We wanted to have the capability to analyze your body, your ball flight, and how your equipment is working. We reached out to our friends in the golf world to find out who the best people in the industry were to assist us with creating our vision. We enlisted Mark Connell from JC Video to set up our four camera swing capture system and our Trackman software.

    We all love the game of golf but we really love the game when we play well. This facility coupled with the help of our professional staff will help you feel that love a lot more often.


    The Dye Preserve Golf Club


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