Hole 4

Hole 4

Par 4 / Brown Tees: 467 / Blue Tees: 432 / Green Tees: 365 / Red Tees: 319

I always try to come up with at least one par four that’s got some real length to it, and, believe me, this one does. It plays southwest—the prevailing wind being with you in the winter and against you in the summer.

There is a big difference of 60 yards between the middle tee and the championship tee. The hole turns left to right off the tee, but there is plenty of room out there to get your ball in the fairway. The green is wide open in front—the opening here must be at least 60 to 70 feet wide right in front of the green. You’ve got a few hungry-looking bunkers right and left, so just take that three or four wood, hit your ball on up in there and it should slide right on in. But if you hit it short and it doesn’t bounce on in, just let that fade slide on in a little left to right and you’ll be okay. But look again: There is water on the right, but it should be out of play.

On your second shot, notice the great background— the bunker, the green and a magnificent view of the Clubhouse, which is tucked away to the right and not directly behind the green.

-Pete Dye