Hole 9

Hole 9

Par 4 / Brown Tees: 508 / Blue Tees: 418 / Green Tees: 382 / Red Tees: 312

This long par four offers a lot of variety from the front to back tees—everybody’s got a shot. It sets up right to left off the tees giving you plenty of room on the right even if you give it a little cut. Then it turns around and goes left to right balancing the hole nicely. As you approach the green, you’ll notice that the Clubhouse sits off to your left. You can sit in the Clubhouse and see the ninth green, yet when you play this hole, you’re not looking directly at the Clubhouse, which is a real bonus. The little mounds on both sides of the front and back tees are all planted in St. Augustine, which, like elsewhere on the course, gives them great definition.

One thing you can say about this golf course, the fairways are plenty wide. And here on the ninth hole, the fairway is between a 100 to 150 feet wide. There is plenty of room on the right, but you’re better off playing straight down the middle of the road, because even though the green is wide open in front, the contouring is really good and the ball bounces around one way or another. You don’t have to carry it in there, because you’ve got a good chance of rolling her in right onto the green, especially if you’re coming in a little left to right. Just stay away from the little bunker on the front right and you’ll be okay.

But as I stand in the fairway of this hole, I can see three bunkers and not one of them is the same. You get a variety of different little shots here, especially if your ball rolls off the green, because the runoff around this green is excellent. It goes down the hill, then comes back up a little knoll, which gives you several different shots.You might have a little downhill pitch, but if you roll it up on the green, you’ll be okay.

-Pete Dye