Hole 16

Hole 16

Par 4 / Brown Tees: 384 / Blue Tees: 366 / Green Tees: 322 / Red Tees: 303

This relatively short par four demands accuracy from not only your tee shot but your approach to the green as well. It’s sort of a backward hole, running right to left from the tee, then you get the feeling that the green sits left to right, when actually it sits back to the left. A long bunker stretches from the tee, down the left side of the fairway, to within 200 yards of the green. A smaller bunker—also on the left and just beyond the long bunker—guards the fairway along with a cross bunker on the right. With plenty of sand left and water on the right, this tee shot is visually intimidating.

You’ve got three options off the tee. First, you can play back to the widest part of the fairway short of the bunker on the right, leaving about 165 yards. Second, you can drive between the bunkers to a narrow fairway only 20 yards wide, leaving 130 to 150 yards in. Third, drive over the cross bunker and beyond the bunkers on the left between the lagoon on the right and the cypress trees on the left, leaving a rewarding approach of only 100 to 120 yards to the green.

The bunkers around this green are severe, but most are 18 to 20 feet away from the putting surface. The elevated green, with its closely mown chipping areas, can kick an errant shot into one of the three deep bunkers that surround this green. There’s a small pot bunker on the front right that is highly visible from the fairway. This hole is in a secluded area with many open views—the long view behind the twelfth to the thirteenth hole just to name one. This is an intimidating hole from tee to green.

-Pete Dye