Hole 11

Hole 11

Par 4 / Brown Tees: 502 / Blue Tees: 434 / Green Tees: 380 / Red Tees: 335

Number 11 is a good, long par four. Years ago, Donald Ross would have a short par five followed by a long par four or vice versa, but here on the back tee on number eleven, it sets up right to left, but from the front tee, it’s just the opposite. So if you play this hole from the front tees, you’ve got plenty of room on the left side. The fairway kicks back left to right, giving you a fighting chance. The pine and cypress area on the right has been cleaned up and mulched down, so if you slip a little off to the right, you can find your ball. The definition provided by the mulch and the St. Augustine—both of which are special features of the course—sets up this hole. On Northern golf courses, the fescue defines the fairways, but the St. Augustine gives the fairways here in south Florida great definition.

You need a long second shot into the green here on number eleven, but I want to emphasize that the green is wide open in front. You can see the water and all the bunkering on the left, so keep your ball to the right. If you hit to the right, it’s going to kick in a little bit, so it’s not a bad shot from over there. There is as much nature as you’ll ever see on this hole, making it hard to concentrate on your game, so don’t fail to notice it.

The fairway on this hole has a good roll to it. The bunkering on the left side of the green is shallow, but the faces are pretty severe. There’s plenty of room between the green and the water, but you’ve got to stay right on this hole. The runoff on the right side is good, backed by the St. Augustine on the mound. I don’t believe that you can get a better long par four than this. You can bump it in from the front and there is just enough of a little kick that your ball is going to run. I love this green. The front is wide open and it sets off right to left, and the contour around it falls in the same direction. This is a large green for a long par four, and it’s one of the few holes on the course I could lengthen if I had to, but I have yet to have anyone make such a request. As you walk off the green, you can’t help but notice the beauty behind it—the lagoon and the cypress trees—they are truly wonderful. So even if you didn’t score well, I hope you enjoyed the scenery.

-Pete Dye