Hitting Bay

With our new partnership with Callaway Golf the hitting bay has been completely redesigned. It features large murals with Daniel Berger, Phil Michelson, Wesley Bryan and Michelle Wie. Callaway has provided over 150 different shafts, 172 different heads and four different product lines to cater to all fitting needs.

The hitting bay has been updated with the most highly sophisticated technology available in the world by JC Video and the Sam Putting Lab.

  • JC Video has installed the latest HD Camera System which operates on the latest USB3 platform. The new Machine Vision cameras will capture multiple video streams at over 250 frames per second in Full HD and over 500fps at standard resolution. Tripling the frame rate makes the super slow motion playback extremely smooth compared to previous cameras. The new cameras also run at 3 times the resolution (full HD) capturing up to 1.1 Billion pixels per second.
  • In addition to the JC Video upgrades the hitting bay was outfitted with the latest new feature in the industry, the “Impact Cam.” The Impact Cam captures video in a reduced area (approximately 12 inches before and after impact) at 2000 frames per second. This new technology will highlight an entirely new segment of instruction as we will be able to capture release patterns, closure rates before and after impact, verify club path and it will give us the ability to accurately measure face angle at impact.
  • Using the latest image recognition technology we are automating the information gathered in reference to the face angle, path, launch, including post impact information. Capturing this information in an automated format will generate algorithms which will be used to enhance fitting in addition to current launch monitor stat based devices.
  • The Dye Preserve is currently the only club in the world equipped with this super high speed camera system. The 6 camera system has 4 super HD cameras (250fps) and 2 super high speed cameras recording at 2000 fps.
  • The Sam Putting Lab has been incorporated into our fitting technologies. It is the most accurate and comprehensive putting diagnostic tool in golf today. Sam is the tool that players and coaches worldwide trust when it comes to one of the most important parts of the game.